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Who will help shape the future of transport?

Posted by Darren Hayes> on Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Transport for NSW has invited Expressions of Interest from organisations and individuals to participate in the governance of the Smart Innovation Centre or investing and collaborating on technology projects to help shape the state’s future transport systems.

The projects undertaken at the research hub include testing of vehicles and technologies, pilots and demonstrations for connected and automated vehicles, and data simulations or modelling of the outcomes of new transport technologies.

Involvement in the Centre will reportedly give partners access to a vehicle testing and demonstration environment at the Transport NSW Crashlab facility in Western Sydney and the opportunity to work with NSW Government agencies, interstate counterparts and national automated vehicle programs.

Secretary of Transport for NSW, Tim Reardon said the Centre would play a key role in putting NSW at the forefront of applying emerging technologies to improve transport.

“For more than 100 years a road has been a relatively simple piece of infrastructure and a car has been controlled by a driver,” Reardon said.

“Now we’re on the cusp of using our road infrastructure in a much smarter way. That offers some incredibly exciting opportunities for improving the efficiency, accessibility and safety of road travel.

“Transport for NSW is determined not to get in the way of innovation – we want to support and contribute to the next big ideas.w

“That’s why we’re preparing now for the eventual arrival of automated vehicles and working with our federal and interstate counterparts to explore the legislative, regulatory and road design changes necessary to allow the introduction of these types of technologies in the future.

“The Smart Innovation Centre will support this process and we’re looking for organisations and individuals who want to work with us to set the agenda and drive change,” Reardon said.