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NHVR releases permit volume and council performance maps

Posted by Darren Hayes> on Monday, January 25, 2016


The NHVR has this week released performance maps showing the average time taken by councils across Australia to progress permit requests in their area, as well as the number of requests received by each council in a year.

The average consent turnaround time ranges from 5 days or fewer through to more than 28 days, while volumes range from less than 5 requests to more than 50.

NHVR Director of Access Peter Caprioli said the NHVR developed tool will assist with the unblocking of impacted red areas shown on the maps.

"The NHVR has successfully collated and compared twelve months of data to illustrate and enhance our understanding of where the blockages are positioned," Mr Caprioli said.

"We understand that these obstructed areas are mainly due to road pavement conditions and maintenance infrastructure issues. We are working collaboratively with all Road Managers to better manage impacted areas, boosting access and the flow of freight on our national roads.”

The maps are available at