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Posted by Darren Hayes> on Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Change management is on the menu at Trucking Australia 2016, with renowned psychologist Alison Hill (left) sharing her strategies to help businesses manage change at the MTData business lunch on Friday 24 June.

Trucking Australia 2016 will take place at the Sea World Resort on the Gold Coast from Thursday 23 to Saturday 25 June.

Alison Hill is the co-author of the best-selling business book 'Dealing with the Tough Stuff: How to achieve results from key conversations', is a regular on Channel 9 'Mornings', and is highly sought after to assist individuals and teams transition through change.

Alison said today’s relentless environment of constant change could make it hard for people to keep up without getting overloaded or burned out.

“With modern technology, the speed of change is faster now than it ever has been. It’s leaving people reeling,” she said.

“But change isn’t the enemy, and with it comes opportunity. With some simple strategies, you can manage workplace changes to get the best results for you and your team.”

ATA CEO Chris Melham said the trucking industry was expected to cope with changes on a regular basis.

“Trucking operators are forced to keep abreast of a vast number of rules and regulations, including many that change between jurisdictions, or that apply differently depending on which heavy vehicle combination you use,” he said.

“This also doesn’t account for other drastic changes the industry is exposed to, such as the short-lived and now abolished Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal.

“There’s no argument that it can be tough keeping abreast of these issues and regulations. But managing change well is essential to running a safe, professional and viable trucking business.

“We’re delighted to have Alison share her expertise as part of the MTData business lunch, and provide practical strategies to help businesses cope with the ever-changing industry landscape.